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24 December 2010 @ 05:34 pm
Author: Momo ♥~
Pairing: KyuMin (main), EunHae
Rating: PG-13 (I’m thinking about NC- 17 later)
Genre: Fluff, romance, angst (?)
Disclamer: I want to own Super Junior
Summary: Kyuhyun had fake dates with a classmate of the SM high school’s president of the students councils

Ah ♥~
I'm finally back ♥~
Type this chap while watching EHB ep 7, I really fell form the chair because of the laughter ♥~
Sorry for the grammatical errors which this chap has a lot :P please tell me if you see any of those. I will sure to edit *grin*

Now enjoy ♥~


Kyuhyun was sitting inside his car with an over excited manager

“Oh god, move your butt for god’s shake” Donghae whined “You’ve sat there for half an hour, the stuff are ready now, you can’t keep us waiting like this!!!”

The idol frowned, gave his friend a confused look, his heart was beating like crazy and his every single breath was heavy because of his nervousness

“Do I really have to…, you know, can we just cancel this? I’ve never done such a thing bef…”

He never had the chance to complete his sentence since Donghae lost his patience and kicked his friend out of the car and followed him

“Just go!!!”

A few minute after Kyuhyun heard a voice whispered “I got your back, fighting”

He then closed his eyes, took a deep breath. He was ready.

Sungmin frowned as he saw the trash on his desk. He swore to himself that he would definitely find out who did that and make him, or her, to suffer.

“Prepare yourself to clean the toilet for the rest of your school life. ALONE” He thought then slowly cleaned the mess by the time his teacher got in.

During the classes, he couldn’t focus because of the noises that his classmates had made.

“Shut up” Sungmin said with a monotonous voice and an emotionless face then immediately, the room became freaking quiet

Lunch time finally came as Sungmin grabbed his stuffs and went to the cafeteria to meet Eunhyuk, still thinking about the person, or people, had thrown trash onto his desk. He wasn’t in a good mood.

Kyuhyun had been specially given the school’s president of the students council’s phone number by the principal with a careful recommendation

“Since I’m too busy, you can contact him if you need anything, I’ve told him to help. It’s a honor to SM high school. Just one more thing, he’s a snark, careful with your words ok?”

“Ok, sir” The idol smiled politely and got out, heading to the cafeteria where the propose scene would be shoot

That place was crowded with students everywhere. They ate, talkes,… but no body recognized the idol was standing in front of the door.

Kyuhyun spotted the girl he had seen on the photo before with black, short hair, chubby torso. She was turning her back at him but he was pretty sure.

Took a deep breath, fixed his hair, hold the bouquet tight, he then started to walk confidently toward the girl, Ji Woo, if he remembered right.

Sungmin had known for sure that someone was staring at him but he just ignored it due to the fact that that stuff happens everyday. But he then almost spilled out all the milk he was drinking when suddenly he felt a pair of arm wrapped around his waist, pulled him closer to another warm body as a bouquet appeared in front of his widen eyes

“Ji Woo ah” a strange voice raised “I’m all yours for a week”

Donghae spilled whatever was in his mouth as he saw the “romantic” scene when his silly friend hugged the wrong person in front of the shocking eyes of the girl that he should’ve hugged, then hit his head against the wall repeatedly when the person turned out to be a boy.

Well, not to mentioned that he was the worst one.

The fish took a few second to calm down then ran toward those boys before Sungmin could eat his friend alive to apologize and save the situation…

Eunhyuk fell out of his chair, which gave the food on the table the chance to dirty the floor when he saw a man walked toward his nerdy BFF and hugged him from behind. He even gave him flowers.

“Wth is that???” The monkey mumbled in disbelieve “Is that man really that tired of living???” Then he stood up to ran toward the boys before Kyuhyun got eaten alive by his friend.

Donghae and Eunhyuk ran in the same time, had the same aim. They could’ve be friend, or even more if the big problem didn’t showed up

Donghae stepped on water and slid when Eunhyuk was in his arm’s reach, which leaded to that Eunhyuk’s pant was pulled down.

That was the turn for Kyuhyun and Sungmin to ran to their BFFs.



1. Sorry for the short chap, I don't know why but it seemed long when it was in Word :(
2. The not- so- innocent- as- usual part will be in chap 4 or 5 i guess ^^~
3. I failed on every efforts to write angst so...
4. All comments are loved ♥~
5. MERRY X-MAS EVERYONE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~~~ I LOVE YOU GUYS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~~~
20 December 2010 @ 01:18 pm
Author: Momo ♥~
Pairing: KyuMin (main), EunHae
Rating: PG-13 (I’m thinking about NC- 17 later)
Genre: Fluff, romance, angst (?)
Disclamer: I want to own Super Junior
Summary: Kyuhyun had fake dates with a classmate of the SM high school’s president of the students councils

I’m back ♥~
Typed this while watching the old eps of Mnet scandal :P~
Hmn… an old type of story line, but I personally like it xD~
Sorry for the grammatical errors, if you find them anywhere then please tell me ^^
And I’m also open for suggestions xD~
How do you want KyuMin, or EunHae to be?
Just tell me and who know, you might see it in this fiction ^^
(May be there’ll be some different details but it’ll be the same idea xD~)

Now enjoy ^.^~

Sungmin sighed as he rubbed his temple, another day had begun. He was tired, of everything, as usual, and definitely didn’t want to go to school.

But he definitely have to go since he was the president of the students council.

Changed to his uniform, Sungmin had his breakfast slowly. He still had plenty of time.

He lived a simple life, alone in a small apartment on the third floor of an old building, on an forgotten street. For some reason, Sungmin refused to move to his parents’s house

“I want to be independent” He always said so

At school, in spite of his position, he was invisible, a truly nerd with glasses, big glasses, long-sleeved shirt,… everything that fight against fashion . All he had ever known was studied and obeyed the rules, and with his shocking flying color, other students just stayed away from him as far as they can, except for Eunhyuk- the monkey- his best friend-…

Eunhyuk was the opposition of Sungmin, his study was… hmn… not so well but he was the master of style. Every girls would fall for him in just one look. He failed at every efforts to changed his friend’s outlook. Well, it’s not that he couldn’t , it’s because Sungmin never let him do it, he would just kill Eunhyuk if he talked about, or touched his clothes.

*Ding dong*

“WAIT A MINUTE” Yelled Eunhyuk, he was trying hard to choose which shoes would suit with his hat.



“You said that every morning. 2”

“Ok ok, you’re so annoying, I’m done” Eunhyuk closed the door, wrapped his arm around Sungmin’s shoulder as they went to school.

They separated in the hall for classes, before going, Eunhyuk looked straight to Sungmin’s eyes “You don’t have to do everything on your own, cleared?”

“Cleared” Sungmin smiled responded to his friend’s concern “Thnk you” He gave a peck on Eunhyuk’s cheek and walked away in front of a shocking crowd

“Wth did that nerd just do???” They whispered to each other

Kyuhyun sighed, he was tired, his schedule was unbelievable. He didn’t even have time for himself that no matter how he tried, he couldn’t remember when was the last time he gone out without a cap and sunglasses. In spite of that, he still pleased with his life.

Because of being born in rich and grew up under his father’s severity, Cho Kyuhyun had been educated since he was a small child to take on his father’s position as the CEO of a huge bank system. He had to learn everything about commerce, market, … which he had no interested in. (But he’d done it well anyway)

When he was 15, he had run away but got caught after one week, that made his father became more harsh. His mother, on the other hand, tried hard to console him, she took him to an idol’s concert which was famous back then, which she thought might cheer him up. By the time that singer raised his voice, he also raise a dream.

Kyuhyun’s mother knew that and since then, she’d always been by her son’s side, encouraged him to fight for himself and persuaded her husband to accept it.

Thanks to her, Kyuhyun had an one- and- only chance to realize his dream and at the moment, he had been an idol for 5 years, ever since his debut, he had always been one of the most famous artists in Asia. He had everything that only exist in a normal person’s dream.

But he still felt like something was missing. He couldn’t help but wondering what is that.

*knock knock*

Kyuhyun frowned, a little irritated by the sound

“Who’s that?”

“Guess who ♥~”

The door opened without its owner’s permission as Donghae- the fish- his best friend- his manager, showed up

Donghae was Kyuhyun’s childhood friend. His family owned a lot of lands in Korea. Unlike Kyu, he had his father’s support in everything he’d done. He was meant to inherit his father’s work but ended up ceded it to his brother- Dong Hwa, to be his BFF’s manager

“Tada ♥~” he bounced toward Kyuhyun, flapping a paper in front of his face “You are going to have some fun, Kyuhyunie ♥~”

The idol almost fell from his chair when Donghae announced that he was going to have fake dates in 7 days with a totally stranger

“You’ve got to be kidding me”

“No I am not ♥~” The fish whistled “Look at her, quite pretty huh?”

Kyuhyun sighed and shook his head as Donghae put an arm on his shoulder “Come on, you’ll be able to relax and at last, it’s your choice anyway to whether keep that relationship going or not”


I've never written NC-17 before

Do you think I should try? *nervous*

Comments are all loved ♥~
07 December 2010 @ 12:57 pm
Author: Momo♥~

Pairing: Kyumin (main), Suju's members

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humour, fluff, (little) romance

Disclaimer: I want to own Super Junior TT__TT~

Unbeta-ed ♥~

All comments are loved ♥~

Now enjoy >:D<~


7th one: Little Fishie

Dong Hae frowned. He’d been thinking all day about the secret competition between the members. He wanted to win so badly.

“Eunhyuk, I will have Eunhyukie on toast” He chuckled

15 minute had pass, and he came up with a bulb lighting on his head

“Kyuhyunie ah~” He entered Kyumin’s room without knocking the door “Are you here?”

“What do you want?” The maknae nagged, still focus on his dear laptop “If that’s what I think then dream on”

Dong Hae shook his head “Actually, I’m dreaming right now” He grinned and started to gave his best shot to annoyed the younger

For example, he plucked the younger’s hair, tickled him, hit him with Sungmin’s pillow, … blah blah blah…

The little fishie startled when he looked at the bunny-shape clock on the table in front of him

“Fuck, I’m running out of time” He thought then diceded too give the last shot.

Dong Hae snatched Kyuhyun’s laptop and put it at a safe place before jumped onto the maknae’s poor back and denied to get off unless the younger would spit out his weakness

“I’ll give you 10s to take back your words and get your ass off” Kyuhyun growled, he could lose the game because of this



Dong Hae still on his back so without any word, the evil maknae stood up and fell backwards

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” The fishie screamed in pain “Getupgetupgetupgetupgetupgetup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Fine, I’ll let go of you”

Kyuhyun got up, smirked and kicked his hyung out of his room.

Dong Hae *sigh* 35 minutes. Out.

Because he took more than 30, he will have to clean the WC by himself for a month.

“And no helping” Heechul gave Eunhyuk his death glare.

8th one: The son of God- Siwon

Siwon gently closed Kyumin’s door and sat beside the maknae who, as usual, was playing Starcraff

“Kyuhyun ah~” He started

“Hmn…?” The younger answered, didn’t even looked at the on who asked


Kyuhyun interrupted his hyung’s word “I want to say something first”, still focus on the game

“O- oh, ok, but make it fast” Siwon frown, he didn’t have much time since Heechul get mad when the God’s son had forgotten to feed Heebum. The Queen took away from him 15 minutes.

“Remember your lost biblical book?”


Kyuhyun then paused the game, turned his head to look at Siwon’s confuse face and smirked

“I saw it on Eunhyuk’s thigh when he played with the lighter the day it lost”


“Know what I mean?”



The son of God shouted and run out of Kyumin’s room, toward Eunhyuk who was currently ran for his life.

Siwon *hahah* 13 minutes. Out!!!

9th one: The little pea

Ryeowook stood outside Kyumin’s room, wondered if he should knock the door or just came in when suddenly he heard the maknae say

“Come here if you dare!!!”


“Get your ass away from me you bastard!!!”


“GRRR… F… YOU!!!”

The innocent little pea immediately cried and ran into Yesung’s arms so he couldn’t heard Kyuhyun’s next sentence ”Aish… Can’t believe I lost”

“He said bad words to me” Ryeowook sniffed

Ryeowookie *Sigh* 0 minute. Out.

10th one: Kim Kibum

Kibum went toward Kyuhyun then sat in front of him, looked him in the eye…

Kibum. Time’s up. Out

11th one: The raccoon Kang In

Kang In have schedule so he cameback to the dorm quite late. It was Sungmin’s turn but he decided to cede to his hyung because of the raccoon’s excitement.

“Tell me your weakness” He demanded while stood in front of his dongsaeng

“Why would I?”

“I want to know”

“It’s not related to me”

“Oh come on, tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine” Kang In’s eyes sparkled

“I’ve already known”

“What the hell? Even I don’t kno…” He immediately covered his mouth

“Want to know yours?”

“Uhm… yes”

Kyuhyun returned to his game and said languidly “I heard Eeteuk hyung made weird sounds in the bathroom when you’re away and I wonde…”

He never had the chance to finish his sentence because within a blink of an eye, Kang In disappeared

Kyuhyun smirked when he heard Eeteuk shouted


Hmn… Kang In *blush* 13 minutes. Out.

12th one: The sweet pumpkin Lee Sungmin

It was Sungmin’s turn and he was very nervous, especially when he had seen what his evil roommate did to the other members.

He entered the room after took a deep breath, put all his bunnies into a box and bring it to the living room then turned right back and sat in front of Kyuhyun

“Wha…” the maknae frowned

“Tell me” Sungmin interrupted

Kyuhyun smirked “Under one condition”

“Let me think about it” The bunny pouted and went to the living room “He said yes” He told his hyungs and dongsaeng “But under one condition”

“THEN WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I’M SUPRISED THAT HE EVEN GAVE YOU A CHANCE TO A CONDITION!!!” All the rest members shouted at the same time, which made Sungmin startled

“O- ok then…” He cleared his throat and went back to his shared room with Kyuhyun

“So…?” The younger smirked

“O…kay… what’s the condition” The bunny bited his lower lip

Kyuhyun finally put away his laptop to stood up.

Sungmin had dimly heard his roommate said “this” before awared about strange lips were crashing on his and sucked all his oxygen away from him. He felt the other’s tongue was discovering his mouth in a passionate kiss which he never wanted to end…

“w…wait a minute” he thought when suddenly felt a hand under his shirt “what the hell are we doing???” and pushed the younger away

Kyuhyun licked his lips and smirked “You know you want it, do you?”

The color of Sungmin’s face turned from pink to red “N… no, not at all” He stammered “Is that your co…condition?”



“It’s just something I wanted to do before saying my condition” The evil maknae shrugged
“JUST SAY IT ALREADY!!!” both of them heard the rest member shouting behind the closed door, which made Sungmin blushed so badly

Heechul growled “Whatever it is, you’d better accept, bunny, or else”

“That right, bunny hyung” Kyuhyun smirked “or else” He whispered in Sungmin’s ear


“Be mine” He kissed his hyung’s forehead while the other widen his eyes in surprise and seemed like… happiness

“ACCEPT IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the members shouted again when suddenly Kyuhyun felt arms wrapped around his neck, pulled him into another kiss

“I thought you’ll never asked” He smiled shyly, press his forehead against his dongsaeng

“Ehem” Heechul cut in, pretended to covered his eyes “Now can you tell us?”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, looked at his cute little bunny lovingly


*Grin* Sungminie. 20 minutes. Success ♥~


And they live happily ever after ♥~


Kyah~ Finally ♥~

I really did smile while typing this

And blush too xD~

I've never sworn before, well, at least in English so if there's something wrong please tell me kay?

I'm really appreciate if you guys find out any grammar errors and tell me. I really need that to improve my writing because I'm sure want to write more xD~

One more thing, thanks everyone for reading my fic =x~

Momo ♥~
26 November 2010 @ 01:51 pm
Author: Momo♥~

Pairing: Kyumin (main), Suju's members

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humour, fluff, (little) romance

Disclaimer: I want to own Super Junior TT__TT~

Unbeta-ed ♥~

A/N: This is my second fiction, I was supposed to make it oneshot but end up parted it b'cuz it want to know whether I should continue or not


Give me a comment, please... ♥~

- Hope you guys enjoy it ♥ -


“Teukie, cook me some noodle ♥~”

“Chulie, shut up, you’re distracting me!”

“Hannie, I want to eat fried rice ♥~”

“Kang In, you’re blocking my view!”

“Yesung, you look ridiculous”

“Dong Dong, ants are killing me!!!”

“Minie, let’s go out ♥~”

“Eunhyuk, keep your socks and your shoes away from my sense of smell at once!!!”

“Donghae, tell your dog to stay away from my dear laptop!!!”

“Siwon, can you not read bible for 1 minute???”

“Wookie, I’m hungry ♥~”

“Kibum, give me the remote control”

12 members of Super Junior have taken enough disrespect from the evil maknae but as they know, no one ever can told him to do anything except when he want to do it, because of one simple reason:

He knows everybody’s weakness.

So, one lovely day, they decided to try their best to find out what is the weakness of the youngest. And to raise the effectiveness, one by one will take their turn in half an hour. Who find it first can told a member to do whatever he wants in one day.

The first one: Leader- sshi

Eeteuk tiptoed into Kyumin’s room, he thinked that may be Kyu’s weakness is in his laptop. Starcraff is so commonplace, he can borrow another’s laptop or just go out to play it. The question is why does he always has to stick with his?

The leader turned on the maknae’s laptop but a line appeared and knocked him out:

Please enter the password


He didn’t have the chance to finish his swear because Kyuhyun was already behind him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He mocked and smirked “moaning mess”

Yay. Eeteuk. 13 minutes. Out.

Second one: The gorgeous, charming and kind-hearted Kim Heechul

Heechul went straight in front of the maknae who’s playing starcraff in the living room, snatched his laptop. He was about to ask Kyuhyun something but end up screaming uncontrollable when the youngest grabbed Heebum’s neck instead and shake it with an emotionless face.

“ Oh my poor baby... GOD DAMN YOU, YOU %*$#^*@%&^%*&# ”

He then angrily threw the laptop to Kyuhyun and left.

Yes. Heechul. 10 minutes. Out.

Third one: The fried rice prince

Hankyung smiled and went toward Kyuhyun with a full-bowl of fried rice on his hand, knocked the door


“It’s me”

The door opened and the maknae sticked his head out, stared at the smiling man in front of him, at the bowl of rice then immedietly closed the door

“Improve your Korean first” (I don’t mean anything *run for my life* > <~)

Hankyung still smiled and walk away.


Hankyung *slap his butt* 7 minutes.Out

Fourth one: Super Junior’s weirdo, Yesung

Yesung planned to entertain his dongsaeng by rent a green-turtle costume and then perform his weird dance to him. He thought that once the maknae feel comfortable, he will become easier and will tell him his weakness.

“Bwahaha, I’m so damn smart” he chuckled

After put on his costume, Yesung saw Kyuhyun walked out from his room. He grinned and started his dance

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow and stared at his hyung.

“What are you doing?”


He get the hint and went to ward the “big turtle”

“Forget it” He smirked, walked pass Yesung “By the way, I saw Hyaku playing with your little turtle a few minutes ago”

The elder’s jaw dropped. He immidietly ran toward his room screaming


Yeap. Yesung. 10 minutes. OUT.

Fifth one: Our genius, Shin Dong

He prepare a great amount of food that can feed an army and call Kyuhyun to his room. The maknae, after a few minutes of hesitated, came in, sat down and started to eat.

After a few more minute…

“So…” Shin Dong broke the silent atmosphere

“Don’t even think about it” Kyuhyun reponded while sucked his finger “I’m done, thank you” Then stood up and left at once, left behind an astounded Shin Dong with his food.

Genius. 20 minutes. OUT.

Sixth one: The anchovy, Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk stood for a while in front of Kyumin’s room, took a deep breath then came in, slam the door and went toward Kyu

“You!” He said loudly “Tell me your weakness or else” He threatened

Kyuhyun lifted his head, using his forefinger to revolved a CD which belongs to Eunhyuk.

Which is porn.

The elder widen his eyes and immedietly snatched back his CD.

“Now tell me your weakness” He said loudly again, blushed



Eunhyuk flopped into the ground and started to cry, kicking and punching convulsively into the air

Kyuhyun, without reservation, kicked his butt and threw him out of his room.

Eunhyuk. 15 minutes. OUT


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24 November 2010 @ 12:49 pm

There're more but it took so long to upload

And (mostly) because of my laziness

I'll post it another time xD
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23 November 2010 @ 05:58 pm
Author: Momo
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyumin
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I can't own them TT__TT~
Genre: Fluff, romance, (a little) mistery
Summary: Kyuhyun lost in a forest. Instead of finding his way out, he found...

♥~ This is the first time I've written a fiction in English so I'm not confident at all. Please forgive me if there's something wrong with my grammar or words (:
♥~ Gender was not switched :)



"Fuck off and don't ever comeback"

The fat woman whose name I didn't even remember yelled at me, throwing my clothes out of her house after seeing her "gold" daughter masturbate in the bathroom, it wouldn't be that bad if she didn't do it with my photo on the bathtub. Damn it.

So, thanks to her, I'm homeless, that means I have nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I have friends too, but I didn't want to be their burden, so, thanks to her, again, I would have to sleep in the park, yay.

I went to find a park bench, collapsed onto it and mumbled before fall asleep

"I want to get out of this damn world..."


I woke up the next morning and find myself lying on a huge strange lawn which I've never been to before. It makes me feel a little nervous

"where the hell am I?"

I got up after swallowed heavily to look around, tried desperately to find something familiar to find the way out when suddenly something white quickly glanced and startled me. I hesitated for a few second and then, because of my curiousity, I started to ran after it.

Just when I was breathing heavily and decided to stop, it stopped in front of a small chalet.

The little white bunny turned its head toward the diving sun and scared me by suddenly fell on its back

Although I've never care about any animal before, I immedietly ran to it in panic but...


Smoke from nowhere exhaled and a... I don't know what it is... showed up.

It was looked like human, except for the ears, it was bunnies's. "She" has short bright brown hair, milky skin, big eyes... blah blah blah

Anyways, she looks like an art's masterpiece and my heart almost stopped when she put her eyes on me.

"Who are you?" she asked innocently

"I...uhmm... I'm lost"

she frown "poor you" but quikly changed it into a grin "I can help you but first of all, you have to be my friend"

"oh... ok" I smiled "no problem"

I found out her name is Sungmin, Lee Sungmin

She then ivited me into her house where is very neat because it was quite late. We talked a lot while eating. She told me about her life here, it was very boring to live alone in this forest. I told her about my situation and she asked me if I wanted to stay

"Can I?"

"Of course you can, I'm inviting you"

So, I stayed there with her


Late at night, I got up to ... and because of the dark, I stepped on the blanket and fell right onto Sungmin near by.

"ouch! what are you doing Kyunie???" she cried out

"Sorry, it's nothing"

I put my hand on the ground, well, atleast I wanted to do that, to push myself to stand up, but ended up shouting


"Is there something wrong? You got hurt?" Sungmin asked in panic, gropped for my face

"You're a guy???"

"Excuse me?"

"YOU'RE A GUY???????"

"What's wrong with that? Did you hit your head on something?"

"I thought you were a g... ouch!"

I immedietly received a smack from him.

"Just go to sleep" He pout and turned his back


Time past by, I had stayed there for 1 year, and to celebrate that, Sungmin invited his friend, Eunhyuk, the monkey used to live in the forest to have a small party.

When Eunhyuk arrived, I immedietly being ignored

They did everything together: Cleaned the house, prepared the food,... and I just sat there like a statue

"Eunhyukie, give me this"

"Eunhyukie, give me that"

"Eunhyukie, do this for me"

"eunhyukie,..." blah blah blah...

Why did he do that? Hello, what am I? Invisible?

The party began in the evening when everything was ready. I had to admit it WAS quite fun, until Eunhyuk went home and Sungmin said

"I like him a lot"

I'm exploded.

"What did you say?"

"Huh? Oh... I like him"

Exploded, again.

I push him to the wall and press my lip onto his, kiss him roughly, slided my tongue into his mouth and suck hardly until he ran out of oxygen


"Why did you do that?" Sungmin asked innocently

"Don't tell me that you don't know"

"I know"

"Then why did you ask?"

"Because I want you to say it, and to make sure that I think right"


"I love you"



"Me too"


And we live happily ever after ♥~


OMG, at last
It sucks, I know
But please leave a comment
I want to know if I should continue or not
Please ♥~
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